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"Why Organic Wool Is Good For You"

  • Wool comforters never bunch up like goose down does.
  • Wool comforters are good all-year round. Experience four seasons in one comforter!
  • Wool is the most complex, breathable fiber on earth responding to your body temperature by not overheating as down tends to do.
  • For babies, sleeping under our organic wool comforters provide a natural sleep free of carcinogenic chemicals ensuring a healthy beginning for your baby as they spend most of their time sleeping. Your baby deserves the best and you deserve peace of mind.
  • Wool is the perfect insulator.
  • Wool bedding naturally inhibits bacteria giving you a better nights sleep and fewer allergenic problems.
  • Organic wool comforters are naturally hypoallergenic.
  • Wool comforters are naturally resistant to dust mites, mold, and mildew.
  • Organic Wool Comforters are highly recommended for people with arthritis, rheumatism, and pains in the back.
  • Organic wool is naturally flame resistant. This makes wool the safest choice for bedding.
  • Absorb substantial moisture before it feels damp.
  • Provide relief from MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities)
  • In studies, wool has been proven to actually help you sleep better.
  • Our Organic Merino Wool comforters are covered in luxurious, and great for skin, certified organic cotton sateen, 300TC (thread count).
  • Our comforters are constructed of full-size layers of batting, hand tufted or machine sewn into position so it will not bunch or separate, leaving cold spots.
  • The Heart Rate under wool filled comforters was significantly lower 100% of the time in two studies, one from Ergonomics Unit at the Polytechnic Institute of Wales and at the Hohenstein Research Institute in Germany.

What is Merino Wool?

Merino is a superfine grade of wool from merino sheep. It is very smoothly spun so that it has a silky appearance. It is soft as cashmere but does not pill the way cashmere does.

Our certified organic merino wool comforters are one of the healthiest bed products you can invest in. Sleeping under nature created organic fibers was and will always be better for our health than sleeping under petroleum-based fibers such as polyester, acryl and other wool alternatives.

What is WoolMark?

The WOOLMARK certificate specifies that a product contains pure new wool and meets or exceeds the global standards for pure wool filling. The WOOLMARK logo is recognized throughout the world as a symbol of high quality and reliability. Before a manufacturer can apply a WOOLMARK label to his products, stringent testing for quality, chemical and oil content, and product performance must comply with the high standards set by WOOLMARK.

What is WoolGanique™?

A great night's sleep tonight - a more relaxed, and stress free day tomorrow.

WoolGanique™ is our exclusive certified organic merino wool fiber used as a filling for our Visonique™ collection. It is grown on our merino sheep and is one of the top finest, softest, and purest wool fibers available in the wool market.

Organic sheep husbandry and wool production is a whole chain of rules and regulations set by NOP, the National Organic Program of USDA that need to be strictly followed in order to get the wool fiber certified organic. Farmers receive almost a double price for their raw organic wool batting versus conventional batting as they commit to follow strict organic standards. Every year an independent certification organization accredited by USDA sends their inspector for testing of our organic sheep and its organic wool to assure NOP compliance.

“Strengthening Organic Wool Industry in Kyrgyzstan”

The Kyrgyz Wool Industry has a positive reputation around the world for its organic animal husbandry practices with the industry's success being based upon producing healthy and contented sheep, which give one of the finest, softest, and highest quality wool in the world market.

More than 8 million sheep graze in mountainous lands of Kyrgyzstan.

WoolGaniqueTM practices are:

  • Organic Feed – sheep must consume only organically grown feed (wheat, Lucerne, Festuca Sulcata, Pea Pratensis) that provide them with complete nutrition which ensures high birth rate and finer wool fiber.

  • Organic Animal Husbandry – farmers have a map with their land and pasture information where only a proportional number of sheep to land can be grazed to prevent overgrazing and its devastating effects. Housing and management must be appropriate to the behavioral needs of the sheep. Animals should receive daily amount of sunlight and have freedom of movement, which increases their immune system and keep them less vulnerable to diseases and infections.

  • Veterinary Treatment – only a certain number of synthetic antibiotics are allowed by NOP. Use of synthetic hormones and genetic engineering is prohibited. Priority is given to natural veterinary practices.

  • Organic Farm Management –use of pesticides and herbicides is prohibited on the pasture and grazing lands.

  • Organic Traceability – whether it is organic feed, a newly born animal or shearing time, each step of production must be documented to assure its organic traceability.

  • Independent Third Party Certification –Overall, the whole organic wool production chain must be certified by an independent third party certification agency accredited by USDA to have the wool fiber labeled as organic.

In addition to pasture and sheep monitoring, we send a sample of our WoolGaniqueTM to WOOLMARK, an international independent and reputable certification agency for chemical testing in England.

When a product carries a WOOLMARK label you can be confident of quality, performance and value for your money. WOOLMARK guarantees fiber content and has provided quality assurance for over four decades and it’s an ongoing process.

Our organic wool comforters come in sizes of: King Size Comforter, Full/Queen Comforters, Twin Comforters and Baby Crib Bedding. We are proud to inform you that our duvets, comforters are hypoallergenic. Not only are they hypoallergenic but they naturally inhibit bacteria and dust mites giving you a better nights sleep and fewer allergenic problems. Say goodbye to dust mites, nighttime allergies, stuffy nose and puffed eyes in the morning.

We offer the very best in organic wool comforters. Our products have the WoolMark label which verifies that our wool is of the highest standards. Not only do we have the WoolMark label, but we have the United States (USDA) seal as being organic as well. Our Merino Sheep are raised in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, "the Switzerland of Central Asia".

You might ask yourself what the difference between a wool comforter and a goose down comforter is. With wool bedding, you have a product that is the most complex, breathable fiber on earth. What this means is that wool comforters will respond to your body temperature by not overheating, as down tends to do. Wool is better than any other fiber at assisting the body's thermoregulation process-controlling body temperature by wicking, evaporating, absorbing and insulating so the body works at maximum efficiency, all the time. This maximum efficiency is called Optimum Body Temperature (OBT).

Down does not handle moisture well, losing it's insulating properties, clumping and separating as it collects moisture. Wool is a perfect insulator - worn in many parts of the world to keep you warm but also worn to block out the heat and keep your body cool. Have you ever had a goose down comforter and had all the feathers collect in one area, leaving you cold in the night? The next day you have to take your comforter and shake it about to attempt to move the feathers so that you will have them distributed evenly? Well you will never have that problem with our wool comforters.

Our comforters are great for babies. You will feel good about placing your baby in a wool comforter that will keep them at the right temperature. But the gift that you will be giving them is the gift of being in an environment that is chemical free. Babies sleep a lot of the day and you will feel good knowing that your child is in organic toddler bedding or environmentally friendly bedding.

Again, we are proud to offer you a product (organic wool bedding) that is a down alternative comforter that is good for you your family and the environment.


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